Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This quilt was from the 2009 Block of the Month from my local quilt shop. We got 1 star block each month and on the last month, we got a bonus block. I saw the quilt hanging on the wall in the quilt shop and new this one had to be for my nephew Wild'n. He is an artist and can paint or draw anything freeform and from looking at something. He is really good. So, I wanted to show him how I paint with fabric. LOL! I can't do what he does, but I can do this. It was fun making this quilt and I am so glad that Wild'n loves it. He really appreciates the artwork in it. I am posting it today to share with some folks on the Carol Doak site. Someone asked what to do with the blocks we have been given lately and from time to time. I think set in a layout like this quilt would be great for them if we used all batiks for each block. The blocks in this quilt are 12 1/2 inches unfinished which is the same size as the blocks we are talking about over on the Carol Doak group. See, all batiks go. Just tie it all together with the sashing! I call this quilt Wild'n Woolley Stars for my nephew Wild'n Woolley!!