Saturday, January 26, 2013

Purses or Totebags

I made myself a totebag out of "fashionista" fabric after a totebag my friend made for her daughter. The pattern is in her head and my head. ROFL! People stop me all over the place to look at my bag and I mean they stop, they come and grab my bag to look and they just got real funky in a public bathroom at Keiser Permanente one day. ROFL! Had two women just staring at my bag and they were like 2 feet at most had to be was strange feeling. I being the blunt person I am said what they hey...LOL! They both said they were looking at my bag...then it was on..the disecting begain again. LOL! I have had so much fun with this bag/purse or whatever it is. It holds a laptop too.
Then months later, I saw this scottie dog fabric that screamed buy me for your two Scottie Girl nieces...scottie has to do with the college they graduated from. So, I made the two of them one each out of this fabric:

Ribbons of Love

I made this quilt for my sister. She has colon and liver cancer. The blue and yellow ribbons are both used for colon and liver cancer support. Also, my sister likes blue and yellow. I wanted to make her something to comfort her some while she is undergoing chemo and radiation. So, I made her this quilt. The green ribbon is to remind her of her "green eyed lil/big sis." The lil/big sis is a joke we have had for a long time. She is the oldest and she is only 5'2" and I am 5'10" though she is the big sis, she is the lil sis and even though I am the lil sis, I am the big sis. LOL!
I made this tote bag for my sister too, so that she can carry that quilt in it if she wants to while going back and forth for treatments or to just use for whatever. She lives in Hawaii so the fish go well. Also, I am a pisces so, maybe she can think of her lil sis again while using it.

Relay for Life

I wanted to also mention that Marge the lady that did the NYD Mystery does different quilt mysteries throughout the year. She raises money for "Relay for Life." She has the pattern on her website here: Go to the bottom where it has 2013 Projects for the pattern if you want it. Also help with Relay for Life if you can.

Inspector Clouseau/Jack

This is Inspector Clouseau inspecting the quilts as they are being photographed. I truly believe he followed the Double Wedding Ring up the steps. It was photographed and then dropped to me below. ROFL! He's a Nosey Parker and a Brown Noser too...he has the cutest little brown nose and brown lips. I love that puppy!

New Years Day Mystery

This was a New Years Day Mystery quilt that was presented on Fabricaholics yahoo group by Marge. I did not have time to work it on NYD after working NYE all night. Finally got a chance to work on it a few days later. My husband has been fascinated by my sewing for many years. He has said many times that he might like to learn how to sew himself. He has helped me seam rip in the past. He is a wonderul man and a good sport. We both finally had time off at the same time and had time to just relax. I started cutting the 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch bricks out for this quilt and got a bright idea to ask my husband if he wanted to try to sew. He was all game for it and did! Taught him about the quarter inch and he took off with it. Taught him about chain sewing too and how we save thread that way. He picked up real fast and he was sewing as fast as I was cutting parts. LOL! I had to cut many layers at once to get ahead of him and I was only ahead by a couple of pieces. LOL! He was so proud of himself and keeps talking about his quarter inch. LOL! He sewed 400 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch parts together that night. The next night, he did 200 more. LOL! He sewed every part on this quilt top where there are 3 bricks together. I sewed the rest. Didn't want him to have to fiddle with putting on that connecting bar that goes across those 3 parts and then putting one block to the next and then the sashing..which he picked out the blue sashing from my stash..and then I made those piano keys for the border and I put those borders on. This was a 3 day event here. The day I finished putting the borders on I couldn't wait for my husband to get home to see his work all together. He was so amazed. I make a lot of quilts for charity. This quilt was going to be for charity in my mind when I started it. My husband took one look at it and asked who this one was for and I told him I had not decided which charity yet. I then saw a look on his face that looked like he was let down. I could tell immediately that he wanted this quilt because he had worked so hard and so well on's his first. So, I decided right then and there that we will keep this because it's his first and he is so proud of it. It matches nothing we have but who cares! He even wants to try to learn to quilt on it next! He has the fever now. LOL! Almost forgot that husband also helped laying out the blocks. He has a great eye on color placement. He is so proud too of how he balanced out the colors.

Double Wedding Ring

I am finally posting a picture of the Double Wedding Ring. Can't get the whole thing in a picture. A whole row of rings plus some is missing in the pictures. It is 8 rings by 9 rings. It was a lot for one person to hold the width of the 8 rings to get this picture. My husband picked out all the fabrics. I made the top and then I hand quilted it. It was a lot of work but so well worth it. The little helper Jack thinks it was made for him. That little rascal is something else. Took this quilt yesterday to my mom's to show her. Took the dog too. The dog was very concerned with the quilt being packed up to leave our house. He was then all concerned when we got back home and jumped on the bed while I was taking it out of the bag and unfolding it and putting it on the bed. I couldn't even get it on the bed before he plopped down on top of it claiming it again. ROFL! You had to be there. He would not move off of his blanket for a while. I did not make this for the dog!!! ROFL!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My DWR Helper

My precious helper Jack has hated the Double Wedding Ring quilt the entire time I have been hand quilting it. Each and every time I pick it up and sit down to work on it, here comes Jack. He digs his way underneath it. Lays there for a few minutes and then comes creeping out until he is right in my face and lays down where my hands are working. He is determined if any petting is going on, it's going to be him that gets petted. ROFL! Can't blame a dog. It is a pain and yet it is so sweet. This went on for the 6 months of hand quilting that was completed in November 2012. I let it sit for a while. Then made the binding and started attaching it. While hand sewing the binding down, there was Jack again. He has claimed this quilt by the way. Every time I sit it down to go do something else, I come back and he is on top of it. I finally finished it and it's been laundered and is on my bed. My husband picked out all the fabrics for it. It's our wedding quilt. No batteries in my camera at the moment. Keep forgetting to pick some up when I am out and about. Will take a finished picture when I get some. But, in the meantime, here is my little helper, helping. Photo's from cell phone are not very good.