Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Double Wedding Ring quilt finally finished being handquilted!

I have finally finished handquilting on my queen sized Double Wedding Ring quilt!! I am so excited. Doing the Snoopy Dance here tonight in my Minnie Mouse flannel jammies! LOL! I have been handquilting on this quilt since May 2012. Started putting the top together back 3 years prior. It was a love hate relationship with this quilt pattern. Took a class..teacher had a weird method of putting it together and all of the students hated it. Most of them have not finished theirs. Even students that had the class a couple years prior to me. One of those friends I met after I had the class. I bent her arm this past spring to finish hers along with me. We finished putting the tops together while sewing together. Great encouragement helping each other...should have seen our whips. LOL! It was a HUGE accomplishment just to have the tops together. I immediately basted mine and started handquilting it. I knew if I let it sit, it would be that much longer before I got back to it. I now have to make the binding and put it on. Will be working on that on Friday!! Can't wait to have this one finished. It's for my wonderful husband! He picked out the fabric and has been waiting all this time to see it finished. He too has been prodding me. LOL!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I had a lot of different odds and ends of Christmas fabrics that I needed to do something with. So, I started playing with paper, scissors, and tape. I came up with a tessellating tree pattern. Then I put the pattern to fabric! You can get one tree out of a 22" length of fabric. I cut my strips to 2 1/2" wide. I don't see why they can't be made in other sizes like 2" wide strips. Below are pictures of my paper pattern with sizes written on the pieces. Next time, I will make the end tree's 2 inches shorter. I will have to trim that amount off of the sides of the quilt top pictured below. I plan to put borders on this quilt top. Still debating whether I want to put a narrow border of black, red, or navy..leaning towards black. Have held all 3 up to it and black is winning out with my husband and friends. LOL! I wanted red..shows what I know. Listen to the peanuts in the gallery that you involve..you involved them for a reason now listen to them. LOL! This pattern also produces waste triangles. So, I sewed them into 1/2 square triangles and then squared them up. I will use them also as a border on this quilt. I have counted my tree's across including the 1/2 tree's on each end and I have 11 tree's across. That's 5 right side up and 4 upside down and 2 halves. I have 12 rows of tree's from top to bottom. I think I am going to remove the bottom row because things are going to get too wonky for me when doing the borders. I do not want an extremely long quilt. I even thought about doing extra borders on the sides than what I do on the top and bottom. Still deciding on that too. So far, this top has been made for a couple of months..decisions of what to do next is the hold up. With the number of tree's I have, that created 30 sets of waste triangles per each row of tree's. In case anyone wanted to know. They are squared up to 1 1/2" half square triangles. I have 360 of them to use on borders! On my paper pattern you will notice 4 rows to each tree. I only used 3 when making my tree's. I decided to go with 3 so that I could use width of fabric strips of fabric and cut them in half and get two tree's out of one strip instead of one tree out of one strip had I used that extra row. I am trying to use up the scraps not create more. Here are the pictures: