Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mother Goose

I bought 3 Mother Goose quilt patterns a few years back. They are designed by Mary Englebreit. This panel was not one of the soft books panels. It was for a quilt and the site of the manufacturer had a free pattern on their site..can't remember if it was something like Robert Kaufman, Moda, or what???? Might have been Marcus Brothers..who knows??? My old computer died..I do have a back up on an external hard drive...I will look it up later and post the link to the pattern if it is still there.

Anywhoooo..I got sick...took a year off from sewing and did other things and got well.

After not sewing for a year, I tackled this Mother Goose quilt. My friend Marty called one day and I told her about the quilting slump I was in. Told her about the new baby due in the family and how I wanted to make Mother Goose. I had a lot of the fabrics already in my stash. Marty made me get off my duff and bring all I had over to her house. I did. We shopped her stash too..rejected some of my fabrics and chose some of hers. Still needed two more fabrics to pull it off. So, we went to Joann's and got the white background fabric and the green border and binding fabric. Got back to Marty's house and she twisted my arm and made me sit down and start this quilt. Marty started cutting up my fabrics and made me sit down and sew at her machine. She had several of those trigangles for those star blocks cut out and I sat there and sewed most of them up. They measure 1 inch finished.

Anywhooo...Thank you Marty for breaking/twisting my arm and making me get it done for the new baby that was 2 months later. Baby Evelyn, my nephew Jonathan and his wife Rebekah's baby got this quilt.

Quilt for Amy

I went on the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop back in March 2011. The only purchase I made was for 4 yards of Georgia fabric. The fabric was specially made to represent things in Georgia. Some of those things are long gone and some are new. The fabric needed a pattern to showcase it. Wasn't a fabric that I wanted to cut into small pieces.

A friend of mine has a quilt book by a lady that does Mystery quilts and put's them in books. I do not own the book, nor can I remember the author's name. I borrowed my friend's book and made this quilt for my lovely SIL Amy. Amy sew's, knits, crochet's, makes beautiful items out of wood and has done many other crafts. She knows the work and expense that is in this quilt so I felt she deserved it. She loves it! It's a queen size..it's on her queen size bed in the photo's. Her daughter took pictures for me...I had forgotten to take pictures before I delivered it.

I made this in the summer of 2011.

Reviving Traditions quilt-a-long

I have the quilt book "Relax and Quilt" put out by Leisure Arts. The one I have was a second printing in 1999. There are several scrap quilt patterns in this book that I want to make. The first one being a pattern that I have seen over and over in many different quilt books and magazines over the past 35 years. Not sure who originally came up with this pattern but I am sure it was someone's long ago ancestor.

I have been sewing strips together from my scraps of fabric. I am cutting several different strips in widths varying from 3/4 inch to 2 inches by 4 inches long. I will cut those strips into sections of 3 3/8 inch widths by 5 inches long after I get a bunch of long strips of fabrics sewn together.

I am posting a picture of the cover of the book, the picture of the quilt I am going to make and a picture of my shoebox of scraps I already have cut up with some strips already sewn together.

3 Inch House a day quilt-a-long

I have 9 houses completed. I have all parts made for 51 more. I have repeated some fabrics in these parts, so I am waiting until I make more to put the sections/parts together to get more variety in my houses.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Twisted Bargello

I took a class for this quilt. It was very easy to make..just got to follow that diagram that comes with the pattern very closely and have no interuptions and hang each strip up as you go and check that that strip goes with the previous one..making sure the pattern is where it is supposed to be.

We were recently talking on Stashbuster about borders..to border or not and to use slabs of fabric or piece borders. Well to me..this is an example of one of those patterns that really needs the slab border and not a pieced border..pattern calls for a slab..anything else would be too busy and take away from the pattern or the ribbon twisting.

This is the only quilt that I had someone else quilt..it was huge and I only have a domestic sewing machine..this was the biggest quilt top I had made yet. hangs way over on my queen size bed. I found an 87 year old woman in Kansas while on vacation at a friends house that lives in Kansas. That friend used this 87 year old woman to quilt a lot of her quilts. This lady only charged me 49.50 to quilt this quilt in the clamshell pattern on her long arm machine. I supplied batting and backing. She supplied thread. Her machine was an antique too...she had it from an old sewing factory. I have it written down somewhere the exact number customer I was of hers..she wrote down each and every customer....I was number 2000 something!!!! That was about 7 years ago. I wonder if she is still alive and doing well.

Anywhooo...Bertha..the quilting lady..she loved the batting I brought with me...I was suckered into this very expensive batting at a quilt shop here in Georgia. It was like 32.00 for that batting. It is Quilters Dream Poly. I will never ever ever ever ever ever buy that type of batting again..even if it was given to me..I would not use it. It has ruined my quilt!!!! The batting beards on the outside of the quilt on the top and back each and every time it is washed. It also is a hot batting. Now..it's not the quilt maker, nor the quilter, nor the fabrics..it's that stinking batting. Many others on my quilting groups have had the same problem with that awful batting. A few have had no problems..but..most folks don't wash their quilts. I always wash my quilts as soon as they are finished..if anything is going to happen to that quilt..I want it to be on my watch/wash/dry!! I take them all to the laundry mat and use the triple load, front loading washers to wash them..I use Tide detergent. I have never ever ever ever had a problem with any of my quilts other than this one. I have used a lot of different battings from cheap ones to expensive ones...I will never ever use Quilters Dream Poly again..for shame on them for selling this stuff!!!

Accidentally loaded a picture of the turning twenty here. OOPS!

The models are Zach and Sadie. Zach wants one of these quilts in blue..I have got to do that for him.

Turning Twenty quilt

This is my Turning Twenty quilt...was supposed to turn 20 fat quarters into this...I had two sets of 10 fat quarters..the same two sets..so..I turned 10 twice.

My husband has claimed this quilt. I really do not like the Turning Twenty pattern..surely with all those pretty fabrics we can do something better than just throw patches together..but...I love my turning 10 and the fabrics I used..looks like an old time quilt.

I stitched in the ditch around the big squares that made up each block. This was no where near enough quilting. So, what to do!!!???!!! I decided to learn how to hand quilt and hand quilted a ton of stars on this quilt. I put 1 star in one patch, 2 stars in another patch and 3 stars in another patch on each block..yes...6 stars in each block on this quilt that are all hand quilted. This is a very attractive quilt in real life..so much for me not liking that Turning Twenty pattern!! LOL!

Sweet Treats Bag

I bought this as a kit from the local quilt shop. I made this cosmetic bag and sent it to my sister in Hawaii because it is tropical looking. It was easy and fun to make. I hope she likes it.

I recently made another one and failed to get a picture of it..it is in browns and beiges and I gave it to my son to give to a friend of his at college..a girl..just a friend.

Here is the free pattern: http://www.unitednotions.com/fp_sweet-treat-bag.pdf

Sock Monkey Purse

I bought this as a kit from the local quilt shop. I love the Sock Monkey fabrics!!! I always wanted a sock monkey as a kid..never got one though. Mom taught me to make sock puppets from old socks..but..they were not sock monkeys like some other kids had. So, when I saw this fabric and the kit for this purse..I had to buy it and make it up. I now have my sock monkey..it's just on fabric and on my fun purse..doesn't match anything but I don't care..it's fun and it's mine!!! ROFL! The brass rings I took off of an old purse and recycled them!

Pineapple blossom

I took a mystery quilt class a couple of years ago and this is the quilt pattern we made. It is very fast and easy to make up. I still need to quilt it. I took a class for this and could have just made one up without the class. There are several free patterns for this on the internet. Even Bonnie Hunter has one on her site...I took Bonnie's idea on the border and used the leftover/cut off triangle pieces to make the border..had plenty to go around the quilt!! Was scared at first there would not be enough..there were!!

I made this from scraps except for the background fabric which was already in my stash. I have the backing fabric in my stash too..got to get this one quilted!

Orange Crush quilt

This quilt I made from the 2nd Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt a long. I love this quilt and it is one of my favorites. Had some doubting moments while making this quilt. We had to make two different blocks from several units. When I got those blocks made...I was scratching my head wondering how in the world this was going to work. Beside each other laying on the table..it looked awful...they were ugly together. Even my family..everyone of them that saw the blocks laying there said they were ugly...my family loves my quilts and are brutally honest thankfully. Then Bonnie came out with the big reveal..oh my gosh..what a surprise it was..the quilt all put together was gorgeous!!!

Now, there is supposed to be a border around it..I made that border and put it on...it did not go with my quilt..other folks did the same..looked fine on their quilts..but..mine did not look right. So, I seam ripped that border off and made a small quilt top out of those leftovers and used some of that blue checked fabric leftover from my first quilt also on that small quilt top..still need to quilt that one..the small top. Another lady did it first..she also did not use the border on the Orange Crush..she is the one that I got the idea for the small quilt top from. Can't remember her name right now too. I have been on a quilting break for too long...have forgotten too much and also having a computer die..lost all those favorites I had saved. Sorry to whoever had the idea of the small quilt top first and not giving you the proper credit you deserve.

The Orange Crush quilt looks like a Civil War era quilt to me. I live in Tara..where the story of "Gone With the Wind" was written about. Yep..Margaret Mitchel used to ride the train from Atlanta to Jonesboro to the train depot here which is a block and a half from my home. She would visit her relatives here that lived through that war and get their stories..she then wrote the book. The Battle of Jonesboro was fought here and it's where the war took it's turn and the north started winning.

My First Quilt

I started my first quilt when I was 12. My next door neighbor's mom taught me and her daughter how to make a quilt block. Betty was the mom..Betty made all sorts of things from quilts to clothes..gosh she can sew..still does. Betty taught me how to make one block. Made me cut up newspaper too and had to use that to sew the 3 pieces of the block to. I worked on that quilt top for a while. Betty let us have our pick of fabrics from her stash...not all her stash..just a certain section that she pointed to and told us to have at it. LOL! All those fabrics came from her stash. One of the fabrics I should not have picked and no one told me any better..that one was like a linen type of fabric..the only fabric that has worn in this whole quilt. It is coming apart at the seam lines on that one fabric...have been hand sewing those seams up over the past several years. Finally got to the point of using fabric glue in a couple of spots on those seams.

I had no direction on this quilt other than that one block. After that, I was on my own. I used a sheet for the backing...brought it around to the front for the binding/border..had no clue what I was doing..but..I did it..the quilt is not square..it's wonky..but..close enough for my first one. I tied it too..didn't know what I was doing..there was no internet back in those days either..we are talking about 1977 here. I just figured it out from quilts I had seen in real life from time to time that were tied. I used a dark blue yarn I bought from either Richway or Zayer's. The yarn has held up all these years and all those washings..this quilt has been washed over and over again. The yarn does not even fuzz up as some quilters have mentioned their's has...I don't understand why their's did and mine has not..must be the type of yarn???? I dunno!!

This quilt was first used by my son when he was newborn..it sat in the linen closet for years until 1992. I have hardwood floors and had a newborn that rolled over and scooted across the room at 4 days old!!! Babies don't do that..but mine did!! So, had to have something big to layout for him to lay on...pulled that quilt out of the closet and it was perfect..he is 19 now..almost 20 and he still uses that quilt on his bed here at the house..he loves it. He loves all quilts to be tied now..he hates them quilted by thread and he especially hates a quilt that is quilted to death..they are too stiff..he and I like quilts that are soft that can wrap around you..don't want to wrap a board around us. He also had to have our Golden Retriever Sadie in bed with him. LOL! Sadie passed away 10-12-2010. She was a great dog!

Jonathan and Rebekah's quilt

I made this quilt for my nephew Jonathan and wife Rebekah for their wedding quilt. It's the Monet's Wedding Ring from the Judy Martin book "Scraps". I even created a Yahoo group to help others make this quilt. There were a bunch of us on the Stashbuster Yahoo group that wanted to make it and hold hands virtually while making it. There are many pictures of my assembly on that group site.

Another lady named Diane had made one. Diane came up with a different joining block than what was in the book. Diane's block uses 9 patch blocks and Judy's uses 21. I like the look that Diane came up with and did mine her way. She also changed the border and I made Diane's border.

I have all the parts made for a 2nd one in scrappy batiks..those Bali Pops are what I am using in the 2nd one. I do a quilt as you go no hand sewing method now on bigger quilts. I have a section of this quilt quilted. Got sick..took a lot of time off on sewing and I am back now..got to finish that one too..that is for a another nephew..one of those Hawaii nephews.

I think the Monet's Wedding Ring is more appealing to the newer generations than the traditional Wedding Ring quilts. I love them both myself!

Here is the link to the yahoo group I started for this quilt: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MonetsWeddingRing/?yguid=135195861

If you are interested in making this quilt..you need Judy Martin's book "Scraps" to do it. We have the alternate methods used on the yahoo group. There are lot's of pictures and some files on that group..check them out if you join. If you want to join..I will have to approve you. There has not been much activity for a while on the group..it's not a very chatty group..it's just about this quilt.

Mom's quilt

I made this quilt for my mom a few years back. This is the quilt that my husband learned to seam rip on. LOL! I had mis-sewn a whole row on 32 blocks...my husband felt sorry for me and helped me seam rip the errors out. I tell ya..he is WONDERFUL!!

I can't remember the name of this pattern but I still have it somewhere around here..it has 5 different layouts..this was my first quilt with triangles...those triangles were something else to work with..I was scared of triangles before and after that until that first Bonnie Hunter mystery..got me over my fears and the Companion Angle and EZ Angle 2 rulers helped with that..thank you Bonnie for teaching us to use them and making us make triangles. I am no longer in fear of the triangle...bring them on!! LOL!

There's a Dog on my Quilt

I made this quilt top from antoher quilters trash. Another one that buys more fabric than they know what to do with. I made all of the top except for the green strip at the bottom and the purple border.

Our local quilt shop has a project we work on all year long. We make items out of cat or dog fabrics. We meet once a month at the quilt shop and sew and sew and sew. We also make things at home and bring them in. I made this quilt top at home and then gave it to Jean the quilt shop owner to do with it as she wished for the sale. She has a sale around the first of June every year..all monies go to the Clayton County Humane Society to help the dogs and cats out. Jean added that green strip at the bottom for grass and then she added the purple border. She got this quilted up..she also provided the backing and binding fabrics.

Those with the most fabric when they die do not win in my opinion

I volunteer sewed with some church ladies every Wednesday for years. We sewed from donations of fabric from where ever it came from. Many times people came in with donations from family members that died. It's very emtoinal to me to work with this stuff. The whole time working with it, I wonder just what the person was thinking while they were working with it. Did they love it or did they hate it or was it a long ago started project that they fell out of love with or what. Many other thoughts go through my mind too.

The following two quilts were two of those projects. The green and maroon one had the center 4 blocks made and a bunch of fabrics cut out..not cut out in anything that I oculd tell what they were going to do..so..I made due and did what I did and made that charity quilt out of their stash that was donated. It went to an orphanage with missionaries from the church to Romania.

The other one was an already made quilt top..had to cut some of it off because it wasn't finished and the fabrics were not included in the donation we received..so..cut it down and made a smaller kids quilt. It also went to Romania.

So, please use up the fabrics you have. If you have a project started and are no longer in love with it..pass it along while you are alive to someone that will put it to good use..lot's of charity quilts are needed...everyone wins in this!! Don't buy fabric just to buy fabric...believe me..there will be more fabrics next year and the next that you love just as much as the fabrics that are out today. Use what you have..then buy more. Does not matter that the price will go up next year..if you don't use what you have..and buy more..you have spent last years price and next years price..so..you kinda payed twice for fabric in my eyes. Use what you have!!

Christmas in Georgia quilt

This quilt I made from the first Bonnie Hunter of Quiltwille.com mystery quilt a long. Bonnie is a member of Stashbuster. She recruited a bunch of us from their to do a quilt a long with her. A bunch of us bit the hook and we were hooked after that. LOL! Bonnie has done several more mysteries since. I have done two others of hers. I wasn't crazy about a few of them and did not make them. Don't hate me Bonnie followers..I don't have to like all patterns and neither do you.

We learned a lot on this quilt. Had to buy a Companion Angle and an EZ Angle 2 ruler for this quilt and other mysteries she has done. Love these rulers by the way. I am not a gadget person..but..these rulers sure do make life easier on making triangle units.

Bonnie did hers in all scrappy, blues, neutrals, and reds and it looks great too. It's in her first book she published. She did leave out the instructions in that book though about using the two rulers we had to buy...I have no idea why and a lot of us were kinda upset about that. We bought the book thinking it would have the pattern we followed while making this quilt in it..it does..but..it doesn't..she gives the traditional cutting methods of triangles in the book..not the Companion Angle and EZ Angle 2 cutting methods. Anywhoooo..I ordered the book from Bonnie directly when it first got published. Still love Bonnie and her patterns she shares with us..so..don't be hating me for being truthful.

Another lesson I learned while doing this mystery..was my very first mystery by the way...learned that the one giving the mystery might have not accounted for a step when they gave the fabric requirements..so..after that...I learned to wait for the mystery to be over to decide if I had in my stash the fabrics to make it. I had to beg 3 other Stashbusters around the world..yes world...one lady from Canada helped me!! I had to obtain more of the neutral fabric from 3 different sources because I ran out when the correction to the fabric requirements were found out.

I love this quilt though..it is beautiful in person. Love all those tiny pieces...we used a lot of 1 1/2 inch pieces in this quilt.

The model in the picture is my wonderful son. He is fantastic! He has helped me a lot in my quilt making. He is great at helping me lay out the top, middle, and bottom to sandwich. He is great at helping me with layouts and choosing fabrics..he is a bit artistic himself. He has a great eye! By the way...he has held this quilt hostage for a few years. He claimed it while I was making it. I have made tons of charity quilts..they all go out the door. He finally told me one day.."mom, charity starts at home, when are you going to make me a quilt?" Wasn't too long after that..maybe a week or two when Bonnie started this mystery..that was my next quilting project..when he first saw me sewing on it...Zach asked me, "who is this quilt for?"...I immediately thought fast on my feet and told him it was for him..he held me too that until it was done...see him in the picture..he has claimed it!!! ROFL! Finally made that wonderful son of mine a red, black and white quilt last year...I got my Christmas quilt back and he got the oriental quilt he wanted. LOL!

Piper's Tulip Quilt

This was the first quilt I made for Piper. Cindy in Seattle has a great site that she shares free patterns on. My old computer died...her site was saved to my favorites on that old computer..I have got to find Cindy's site again..if I had it..I would share it here..she deserves a lot of credit..she is a very sweet person and comes up with great designs.

This quilt was the first time I used a fancy stitch on my old Kenmore on the binding. Some of the folks on Stashbuster were talking about how they do it..so..I tried it...I wish I could see theirs up close so I could get better at it myself..oh well...mine is what it is.

Piper's blue and yellow quilt

This quilt I made for my sister's, son's, daughter Piper...see..a nephew having baby before I get his quilt made..Pueo, you must wait for your quilt..Piper needed blankies! LOL!

I used leftovers from my Kim's blue and yellow quilt to make Piper's quilt. I thought it would be neat if grandma and grandaughter had quilts with like pieces. I had to purchase the yellow/blue floral to finish it up. Piper is my Great Niece..first one to make me a Great!

Kim's quilt

I made this quilt for my sister Kim a couple of years ago. She likes blue and yellow. So, she got it! The pattern is one of those strip quilt patterns...I think it was called "Cross Roads"..it came in a kit. I bought the kit at "Brenda's Quilt Stop" in Collins, MO. while on a vacation. Love Brenda's quilt shop..if you are ever in that area..you must stop in that quilt shop if you are a quilter.

I stitched in the ditch around the squares. That wasn't enough quilting..needed something in those blue squares..so..I tried my hand at free-motion quilting on my regular old Kenmore machine..I did flowers..tried to make them like a Dogwood for Kim. Kim has lived in Hawaii for over 30 years...she is from Atlanta, GA and Dogwood is our state flower. The fabrics are kinda tropical..so...a little of Georgia and a little of Hawaii were my thoughts while making this.

Aloha Jo from some of the quilting groups I am in, helped me in choosing the batting for this quilt. Does not get as cold in Hawaii as it does in Georgia. Thank you Jo!! Aloha!!

Jessica's quilt

I made this quilt several years back for my niece Jessica. This is only a picture of the partial top. I added a blue border around the quilt top and don't know right now where the pictures are of the finished quilt. This pattern came from the "quiltpox" site and it is called "Hugs and Kisses". Jessica is not crazy about sampler type quilts. Nor does she like a lot of the traditional type patterns. I asked her what she did like. She likes blues and creams. So, I bought a bunch of different blues and a cream fabric. I figured with a pattern called Hugs and Kisses she would have to love it because she could think of all the hugs and kisses her WONDERFUL Aunt Lisa has showered her with every time she uses the quilt. LOL! Love you my sweet Jessica!!! Jessica does love her quilt by the way...she just wanted it bigger!!! YIKES!!! I quilted in the ditch on this one..it was a struggle..it's a queen size..I only have a regular sewing machine..no long arm here. One day I will make Jessica a bigger quilt...one that hangs a lot over the edge of a queen sized bed.

First I am trying to make one quilt for all my nieces and nephews and mom and brother. With lot's of other quilts for various projects in between.

Now some of those nieces and nephews are having babies..well..the babies have to have quilts too. LOL!

The model in the picture is my wonderful good sport husband Sam! He wants to keep all the quilts I make..he falls in love with all of them. He is great at helping me seam rip when need be and to pick fabrics and decide layouts.

Scrappy Jacob's Ladder

I made this quilt 2 or 3 years back. Another lady on Stashbuster, Stephanie, was gifted a shoebox of scraps from someone else. Stephanie made several beautiful quilts out of those scraps. She too had made a scrappy Jacobs Ladder quilt. I thought, well..I can do that. I have tons of scraps!!! So, I got Stephanie's measurements from her and threw mine together. All those 4 patches are scraps. The half square triangles were two other fabrics. The blue was from a fabric I bought back in 1985 to make a "Trip Around the World" quilt for someone. All that blue in those half square triangles were scraps leftover from that quilt...used almost all of it up in this quilt. The lighter fabric in the half square triangles was from a fabric I bought not too long before making the quilt...now I mostly buy neutrals to go with the scraps I have. Can't ever have enough neutrals in our stash.

I made the quilt for my mom to have as an extra blanket/quilt in her condo. There is a room where the kids gather playing their game systems. There is a loveseat in that room where the kids sit...I make the kids put this quilt on that loveseat when they are in there..the fabric on the couch is light and I do not want the kids to mess it up..the couch that is. I tied the quilt for the quilting. This quilt looks so much better in person than it does in that picture.

Forgot to mention the backing fabric for this quilt. A friend of mine had a fabric that she no longer wanted and gave to me to use for the backing. The fabric goes with the blue I used for the half square triangles!!! How great is that!!

Quilt for Ginnie

I just posted about this qiult and forgot to post the pictures. This is the quilt for Ginnie.

Quilt for Ginnie

This quilt was another cast off from Sandra of the Stashbuster Yahoo group! Sandra made all those gorgeous blocks and decided she wasn't happy with them. She sent the blocks to one lady on Stashbuster, that lady put the top together. That lady sent them to another lady on Stashbuster to do the quilting and binding. That lady sent the quilt to me to deliver to Ginnie. I washed, dried and trimmed strings on the quilt and took it to Ginnie.

This quilt is a great size to use for a wheel chair. Ginnie was in a wheel chair full time when this quilt was given to her. This was a couple of years ago. Ginnie was in a terrible car accident which paralyzed both of her legs. She was going through therapy then and still is. She is now using a walker part time!!! She is getting the use of her legs back.

Ginnie was estatic when my husband and I presented this quilt to her. Just look at the smile on that face. She is still loving this quilt. This was truly a group effort by the people on Stashbuster!! I wish I could remember the different states each of the ladies that worked on this quilt lived in. I am in Georgia and so is Ginnie. We quilters call our blocks and things like that, that are made and not put together in a quilt top yet, "Projects In Grocery Sacks" or "PIGS" for short. Stashbuster has an on going project to send those "PIGS" to others if you are at a loss of what to do with them..let someone else tackle them..new eyes can do wonders with someone elses no longer loved project. We donate these quilts to charity..so..it's a win win for everyone involved.

Fishing Under the Stars

This quilt came about from a group of folks that spun off from the Stashbuster Yahoo group. A group of quilters wanted to make the Shakespear In The Park quilt from the Judy Martin pattern. Sandra that runs the Stashbuster group started hers out in the colors in this quilt. She did not have enough contrast in her fabrics in her stars for the pattern in the Shakespear In The Park to show up. So, she started another Shakespear In The Park in other colors and had these blocks to send to someone else to turn into a charity quilt. She sent them to me!! I had this lovely fishing fabric to go with it.

So, Sandra sent me her stars and the setting triangles. I added the background fishing fabric, the binding fabric and the backing fabric. I had one extra star that would not fit on the front and appliqued it to the back of the quilt. I sent this quilt to Quilts For Kids to go to a very sick young boy. I named this quilt, "Fishing Under the Stars."

Grandma Miller's Flour sack quilt

These are pictures of the quilt my step-grandmother made that I now have. I love this quilt. It has a couple of holes in it that I need to repair. They are very small holes. She hand stitched and hand quilted this quilt that is made from flour, sugar, and feed sacks. She even used them for the backing. She handquilted the Baptist Fan pattern all over the quilt.