Thursday, March 8, 2012

Koa's quilt

This is the quilt I made for my niece Koa.

It is a Trinity Celtic Knot. Lynne C. did a mystery quilt-a-long and gave us steps every week or so until we finished it. I was one of Lynne's testers to make sure she was giving out the pieces correctly. This was so fun to do. Thank you Lynne for doing this for us. Another lady in Australia came up with the pattern and published it months later in the Autralian Quilt magazine. Can't remember what issue or what that ladies name is. It will turn up somewhere on the net and when it does, I will give that credit that is do.

This was a scrappy quilt. We were to use all our scraps in certain colorways. I used all my whites for the white, all my blacks for the black, all my green's for the green's and all my purples for the purples. Also kept buying remnants from the local quilt shop to give me more variety of the purple's and green's and then along came Lynne's quilt-a-long that worked perfect for my pieces.

I finished the quilt top back in the summer of 2010 and finally got it quilted in 2011 and delivered to Hawaii where Koa my niece lives.


  1. yeah lisa!!!!!! sooooo happy to see yours done and quilted!!! deborah did hers in the magazine adding an outer white border going round so that the chunks were easier to do as all were 9 patches then. also, they were wonderful and chunked it all up to make so many A blocks, so many B blocks, etc. and then gave you the lay out. really nice job actually!!! THEN it got published as a pattern and she changed it all up in the technique of using strips instead of only squares so it goes MUCH easier and faster. cheryl willis that did it along with us was a tester for THAT pattern and did a giveaway on her blog and i won--wonder where the pattern is now that i think of it.....haven't seen it in the mail yet....anyway, SHE is doing a sew a long using the strip method on her blog starting this month.....i am wanting to do it along with her.....i better find out where the pattern is and get cutting. boy this is a novel of a comment and I HAVE MISSED YOU GEORGE!!!!!!!

    1. LOL! Lynne..I forgot about George! ROFL! But, I remember it now. I would love to check out the quilt-a-long that Cheryl is doing but need the blog address/link. I need to make another one of these...I need one for me! LOL! I love this all colorways, it's a beautiful quilt!