Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Double Wedding Ring quilt finally finished being handquilted!

I have finally finished handquilting on my queen sized Double Wedding Ring quilt!! I am so excited. Doing the Snoopy Dance here tonight in my Minnie Mouse flannel jammies! LOL! I have been handquilting on this quilt since May 2012. Started putting the top together back 3 years prior. It was a love hate relationship with this quilt pattern. Took a class..teacher had a weird method of putting it together and all of the students hated it. Most of them have not finished theirs. Even students that had the class a couple years prior to me. One of those friends I met after I had the class. I bent her arm this past spring to finish hers along with me. We finished putting the tops together while sewing together. Great encouragement helping each other...should have seen our whips. LOL! It was a HUGE accomplishment just to have the tops together. I immediately basted mine and started handquilting it. I knew if I let it sit, it would be that much longer before I got back to it. I now have to make the binding and put it on. Will be working on that on Friday!! Can't wait to have this one finished. It's for my wonderful husband! He picked out the fabric and has been waiting all this time to see it finished. He too has been prodding me. LOL!


  1. Bravo! That is a hard pattern to master!

  2. Hi Lisa!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. You asked about the Coke crate...I use it to hold my tools like a compartmentalized desk organizer! It holds paper crafting and quilting tools like small rulers, scissors, bottle of hand lotion, stapler, jar of pencils, jars of buttons, beads, etc. Pretty much anything that I use that fits in the squares goes in there so I can see it and use it. Out of sight out of mind is my motto on tools. :D