Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My DWR Helper

My precious helper Jack has hated the Double Wedding Ring quilt the entire time I have been hand quilting it. Each and every time I pick it up and sit down to work on it, here comes Jack. He digs his way underneath it. Lays there for a few minutes and then comes creeping out until he is right in my face and lays down where my hands are working. He is determined if any petting is going on, it's going to be him that gets petted. ROFL! Can't blame a dog. It is a pain and yet it is so sweet. This went on for the 6 months of hand quilting that was completed in November 2012. I let it sit for a while. Then made the binding and started attaching it. While hand sewing the binding down, there was Jack again. He has claimed this quilt by the way. Every time I sit it down to go do something else, I come back and he is on top of it. I finally finished it and it's been laundered and is on my bed. My husband picked out all the fabrics for it. It's our wedding quilt. No batteries in my camera at the moment. Keep forgetting to pick some up when I am out and about. Will take a finished picture when I get some. But, in the meantime, here is my little helper, helping. Photo's from cell phone are not very good.

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