Saturday, January 26, 2013

Double Wedding Ring

I am finally posting a picture of the Double Wedding Ring. Can't get the whole thing in a picture. A whole row of rings plus some is missing in the pictures. It is 8 rings by 9 rings. It was a lot for one person to hold the width of the 8 rings to get this picture. My husband picked out all the fabrics. I made the top and then I hand quilted it. It was a lot of work but so well worth it. The little helper Jack thinks it was made for him. That little rascal is something else. Took this quilt yesterday to my mom's to show her. Took the dog too. The dog was very concerned with the quilt being packed up to leave our house. He was then all concerned when we got back home and jumped on the bed while I was taking it out of the bag and unfolding it and putting it on the bed. I couldn't even get it on the bed before he plopped down on top of it claiming it again. ROFL! You had to be there. He would not move off of his blanket for a while. I did not make this for the dog!!! ROFL!

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  1. I imagine it is great fun to share a hobby. Can't wait to hear abut everything going on with the BOM. :)