Saturday, January 26, 2013

Purses or Totebags

I made myself a totebag out of "fashionista" fabric after a totebag my friend made for her daughter. The pattern is in her head and my head. ROFL! People stop me all over the place to look at my bag and I mean they stop, they come and grab my bag to look and they just got real funky in a public bathroom at Keiser Permanente one day. ROFL! Had two women just staring at my bag and they were like 2 feet at most had to be was strange feeling. I being the blunt person I am said what they hey...LOL! They both said they were looking at my bag...then it was on..the disecting begain again. LOL! I have had so much fun with this bag/purse or whatever it is. It holds a laptop too.
Then months later, I saw this scottie dog fabric that screamed buy me for your two Scottie Girl nieces...scottie has to do with the college they graduated from. So, I made the two of them one each out of this fabric:


  1. Those are so adorable. Glad you are getting used to the stares!

  2. um george, those are way too cute! and, i think that it is WAY past time for a phone call again!!! i miss you,
    the man in the yellow hat.