Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blue and White for mom! This quilt was the 2011 Block of the Month from my local quilt shop. It's called Blueberry Cobbler. I made it for my mom. Finished it in July 2012 just in time for her birthday. This was the first time I made sashing like this. It was a learning experience and not near as hard to do as it looks. There are no "Y" seams, but, there are partial seams that are really easy to sew when sewing attachments in the other quilters will know what I mean here. That sashing has scared off a lot from completing this quilt. If they would just sit down and do it, they would see it really isn't that hard. Just had to lay out all the parts and not move anything until it was all quilted. Had to pick up two to three parts at a time and go to the machine and sew. Then, lay all that back down in place and pick up two or three more parts and go back to the machine. Had to do this to sew the entire top together. I add details like this to help other quilters by the way for those of you reading this that don't quilt. We quilters for the most part hold hands and help each other with tips and tricks.

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