Thursday, August 2, 2012

One ticked off puppy dog!! This is Jack the Jack Russell Terrier that owns me. Yep, he owns me and I must do as he wants he thinks. LOL! He is the bestest little dog ever. But, he hates me touching anything other than him and I mean anything and he let's me know about it with sigh's, hacking, begging, and anything he can do to get my hands on him. He loves blankets and being pampered too. As long as it's all about him, he is a happy camper. If I lay a quilt top down while in the process of making it, he will jump on it. Does not matter where it is, or how many parts it's in. He insists on being the center of attention. So, when I laid this quilt down on the couch to get it out of the way for just a minute, he promptly jumped up there and gave me the look that you can't get it unless you touch me first! He was mad that day that I had been working on that quilt and not petting him. So, I had to take a picture this time. That's my Irish Mist quilt under it by the way..not finished to add the last border and then quilt it. It did not turn out as I had hoped..not very happy with it as it is..the quilting will have to save it..more on that after it's all quilted up.

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  1. Hi, this is Tammie. I love your quilts. I am now a follower of yours. I guess that is what we say on dog looks real comfy. He looks like he would be upset if you took him off of his quilt. Too cute.