Thursday, August 2, 2012

I haven't uploaded pictures in a while. It's such a pain to do so, so, I am slow at it. I could be sewing instead of uploading. LOL! I found this tropical rain forest fabric at my local quilt shop that I fell in love with. I made 4 baby quilt tops out of it. One for my cousins baby Sean. One for my nephew's baby Evelyn. Two for charity. I backed 3 with this really cute fleece fabric that had jungle animals on it. The 4th I backed with banana fabric that I got at the quilt shop when I found the tropical rain forest fabric. I also made prairie points with the banana's on the one with banana backing. This is a link( to the method I used for the continuous prairie points. Do not buy a special glue though, use your Elmer's School Glue that you already own that washes out when the quilt is washed. Lord help us when Elmer's finds out we use their glue all the time for quilting..the price will shoot up on us when they do find out. LOL!

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