Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quilt of Valor This quilt was a team effort. A fellow stashbuster helped me learn to make fabric postcards a few years back. She also sent me some stuff she no longer wanted to use in the charity quilts I make. The six blocks in this quilt were blocks she sent me. I added the sashing fabrics and backing and put this top together. I met a lady that has a brother that was in Vietnam. He has some serious health issues due to chemical exposure he experienced during his service in Nam. He is wheelchair bound now and has recently had to move to a home that is wheelchair accessible. So, I put this quilt together with him in mind. He lives in Pennsylvania. His sister delivered it to him and he loves it. He can not believe that someone that does not know him made him something so wonderful. He sent me a thank you card too. It just makes me feel good that it brings a smile to his day..that's all it's about..making someone feel good.
Also, I tied the quilt for the quilting. That's what the quilt called for when it spoke to me. I bring my ties to the back of the quilt so as not to take away from the front, in case anyone is wondering where the ties are. LOL! I felt that machine quilting would have taken away from those blocks. Love that airplane! Wish I could take credit for putting those blocks together but I did not. Not sure if the lady that passed them on to me made them or not or if she obtained them from a swap or something..she never said.

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