Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jonathan and Rebekah's quilt

I made this quilt for my nephew Jonathan and wife Rebekah for their wedding quilt. It's the Monet's Wedding Ring from the Judy Martin book "Scraps". I even created a Yahoo group to help others make this quilt. There were a bunch of us on the Stashbuster Yahoo group that wanted to make it and hold hands virtually while making it. There are many pictures of my assembly on that group site.

Another lady named Diane had made one. Diane came up with a different joining block than what was in the book. Diane's block uses 9 patch blocks and Judy's uses 21. I like the look that Diane came up with and did mine her way. She also changed the border and I made Diane's border.

I have all the parts made for a 2nd one in scrappy batiks..those Bali Pops are what I am using in the 2nd one. I do a quilt as you go no hand sewing method now on bigger quilts. I have a section of this quilt quilted. Got sick..took a lot of time off on sewing and I am back to finish that one too..that is for a another of those Hawaii nephews.

I think the Monet's Wedding Ring is more appealing to the newer generations than the traditional Wedding Ring quilts. I love them both myself!

Here is the link to the yahoo group I started for this quilt:

If you are interested in making this need Judy Martin's book "Scraps" to do it. We have the alternate methods used on the yahoo group. There are lot's of pictures and some files on that group..check them out if you join. If you want to join..I will have to approve you. There has not been much activity for a while on the's not a very chatty's just about this quilt.


  1. Love the looks of this quilt. I have her book and will take another look.
    Hope you keep blogging.
    Nancy L

  2. Just saw your message on Stashbusters and came over to take a look. You've done a nice job!

  3. Good for you for trying again! The quilt is beautiful! Trish in CT

  4. Wow - that's really effective! Good job.

  5. This quilt is on my bucket list. I can't believe how beautiful it is done in only two fabrics. You are very clever to do this. Thanks for the inspiration!