Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quilt for Amy

I went on the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop back in March 2011. The only purchase I made was for 4 yards of Georgia fabric. The fabric was specially made to represent things in Georgia. Some of those things are long gone and some are new. The fabric needed a pattern to showcase it. Wasn't a fabric that I wanted to cut into small pieces.

A friend of mine has a quilt book by a lady that does Mystery quilts and put's them in books. I do not own the book, nor can I remember the author's name. I borrowed my friend's book and made this quilt for my lovely SIL Amy. Amy sew's, knits, crochet's, makes beautiful items out of wood and has done many other crafts. She knows the work and expense that is in this quilt so I felt she deserved it. She loves it! It's a queen size..it's on her queen size bed in the photo's. Her daughter took pictures for me...I had forgotten to take pictures before I delivered it.

I made this in the summer of 2011.

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