Sunday, February 12, 2012

Orange Crush quilt

This quilt I made from the 2nd Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt a long. I love this quilt and it is one of my favorites. Had some doubting moments while making this quilt. We had to make two different blocks from several units. When I got those blocks made...I was scratching my head wondering how in the world this was going to work. Beside each other laying on the looked awful...they were ugly together. Even my family..everyone of them that saw the blocks laying there said they were family loves my quilts and are brutally honest thankfully. Then Bonnie came out with the big reveal..oh my gosh..what a surprise it was..the quilt all put together was gorgeous!!!

Now, there is supposed to be a border around it..I made that border and put it did not go with my quilt..other folks did the same..looked fine on their quilts..but..mine did not look right. So, I seam ripped that border off and made a small quilt top out of those leftovers and used some of that blue checked fabric leftover from my first quilt also on that small quilt top..still need to quilt that one..the small top. Another lady did it first..she also did not use the border on the Orange Crush..she is the one that I got the idea for the small quilt top from. Can't remember her name right now too. I have been on a quilting break for too long...have forgotten too much and also having a computer die..lost all those favorites I had saved. Sorry to whoever had the idea of the small quilt top first and not giving you the proper credit you deserve.

The Orange Crush quilt looks like a Civil War era quilt to me. I live in Tara..where the story of "Gone With the Wind" was written about. Yep..Margaret Mitchel used to ride the train from Atlanta to Jonesboro to the train depot here which is a block and a half from my home. She would visit her relatives here that lived through that war and get their stories..she then wrote the book. The Battle of Jonesboro was fought here and it's where the war took it's turn and the north started winning.

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  1. Uh oh. I'm one of those Damn Yankees, LOL! But I love your Orange Crush quilt, good job! Please consider taking the dreaded "word verification" feature off the settings of posts. It makes it too difficult to post a comment. I did. Very rarely I get spam comments but I just delete it and forget about it. Thanks for considering it!