Sunday, February 12, 2012

Christmas in Georgia quilt

This quilt I made from the first Bonnie Hunter of mystery quilt a long. Bonnie is a member of Stashbuster. She recruited a bunch of us from their to do a quilt a long with her. A bunch of us bit the hook and we were hooked after that. LOL! Bonnie has done several more mysteries since. I have done two others of hers. I wasn't crazy about a few of them and did not make them. Don't hate me Bonnie followers..I don't have to like all patterns and neither do you.

We learned a lot on this quilt. Had to buy a Companion Angle and an EZ Angle 2 ruler for this quilt and other mysteries she has done. Love these rulers by the way. I am not a gadget person..but..these rulers sure do make life easier on making triangle units.

Bonnie did hers in all scrappy, blues, neutrals, and reds and it looks great too. It's in her first book she published. She did leave out the instructions in that book though about using the two rulers we had to buy...I have no idea why and a lot of us were kinda upset about that. We bought the book thinking it would have the pattern we followed while making this quilt in doesn't..she gives the traditional cutting methods of triangles in the book..not the Companion Angle and EZ Angle 2 cutting methods. Anywhoooo..I ordered the book from Bonnie directly when it first got published. Still love Bonnie and her patterns she shares with't be hating me for being truthful.

Another lesson I learned while doing this mystery..was my very first mystery by the way...learned that the one giving the mystery might have not accounted for a step when they gave the fabric that...I learned to wait for the mystery to be over to decide if I had in my stash the fabrics to make it. I had to beg 3 other Stashbusters around the world..yes lady from Canada helped me!! I had to obtain more of the neutral fabric from 3 different sources because I ran out when the correction to the fabric requirements were found out.

I love this quilt is beautiful in person. Love all those tiny pieces...we used a lot of 1 1/2 inch pieces in this quilt.

The model in the picture is my wonderful son. He is fantastic! He has helped me a lot in my quilt making. He is great at helping me lay out the top, middle, and bottom to sandwich. He is great at helping me with layouts and choosing fabrics..he is a bit artistic himself. He has a great eye! By the way...he has held this quilt hostage for a few years. He claimed it while I was making it. I have made tons of charity quilts..they all go out the door. He finally told me one day.."mom, charity starts at home, when are you going to make me a quilt?" Wasn't too long after that..maybe a week or two when Bonnie started this mystery..that was my next quilting project..when he first saw me sewing on it...Zach asked me, "who is this quilt for?"...I immediately thought fast on my feet and told him it was for him..he held me too that until it was done...see him in the picture..he has claimed it!!! ROFL! Finally made that wonderful son of mine a red, black and white quilt last year...I got my Christmas quilt back and he got the oriental quilt he wanted. LOL!

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