Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scrappy Jacob's Ladder

I made this quilt 2 or 3 years back. Another lady on Stashbuster, Stephanie, was gifted a shoebox of scraps from someone else. Stephanie made several beautiful quilts out of those scraps. She too had made a scrappy Jacobs Ladder quilt. I thought, well..I can do that. I have tons of scraps!!! So, I got Stephanie's measurements from her and threw mine together. All those 4 patches are scraps. The half square triangles were two other fabrics. The blue was from a fabric I bought back in 1985 to make a "Trip Around the World" quilt for someone. All that blue in those half square triangles were scraps leftover from that quilt...used almost all of it up in this quilt. The lighter fabric in the half square triangles was from a fabric I bought not too long before making the I mostly buy neutrals to go with the scraps I have. Can't ever have enough neutrals in our stash.

I made the quilt for my mom to have as an extra blanket/quilt in her condo. There is a room where the kids gather playing their game systems. There is a loveseat in that room where the kids sit...I make the kids put this quilt on that loveseat when they are in there..the fabric on the couch is light and I do not want the kids to mess it up..the couch that is. I tied the quilt for the quilting. This quilt looks so much better in person than it does in that picture.

Forgot to mention the backing fabric for this quilt. A friend of mine had a fabric that she no longer wanted and gave to me to use for the backing. The fabric goes with the blue I used for the half square triangles!!! How great is that!!

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  1. I just finished a scrappy Jacobs ladder. You did wonderful on yours! the colors are great!