Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mother Goose

I bought 3 Mother Goose quilt patterns a few years back. They are designed by Mary Englebreit. This panel was not one of the soft books panels. It was for a quilt and the site of the manufacturer had a free pattern on their site..can't remember if it was something like Robert Kaufman, Moda, or what???? Might have been Marcus Brothers..who knows??? My old computer died..I do have a back up on an external hard drive...I will look it up later and post the link to the pattern if it is still there.

Anywhoooo..I got sick...took a year off from sewing and did other things and got well.

After not sewing for a year, I tackled this Mother Goose quilt. My friend Marty called one day and I told her about the quilting slump I was in. Told her about the new baby due in the family and how I wanted to make Mother Goose. I had a lot of the fabrics already in my stash. Marty made me get off my duff and bring all I had over to her house. I did. We shopped her stash too..rejected some of my fabrics and chose some of hers. Still needed two more fabrics to pull it off. So, we went to Joann's and got the white background fabric and the green border and binding fabric. Got back to Marty's house and she twisted my arm and made me sit down and start this quilt. Marty started cutting up my fabrics and made me sit down and sew at her machine. She had several of those trigangles for those star blocks cut out and I sat there and sewed most of them up. They measure 1 inch finished.

Anywhooo...Thank you Marty for breaking/twisting my arm and making me get it done for the new baby that was 2 months later. Baby Evelyn, my nephew Jonathan and his wife Rebekah's baby got this quilt.


  1. Beautiful quilt, lovely colours, and such interesting blocks. What a lucky baby to get this quilt!

    Susan (uk)

  2. Thank you Susan. It is a great pattern. A lot of little pieces but well worth it. And the baby girl is a precious one..she will be 1 year old in March. I hope she has many years of snuggling with this quilt.