Sunday, February 12, 2012

Twisted Bargello

I took a class for this quilt. It was very easy to make..just got to follow that diagram that comes with the pattern very closely and have no interuptions and hang each strip up as you go and check that that strip goes with the previous one..making sure the pattern is where it is supposed to be.

We were recently talking on Stashbuster about border or not and to use slabs of fabric or piece borders. Well to me..this is an example of one of those patterns that really needs the slab border and not a pieced border..pattern calls for a slab..anything else would be too busy and take away from the pattern or the ribbon twisting.

This is the only quilt that I had someone else was huge and I only have a domestic sewing machine..this was the biggest quilt top I had made yet. hangs way over on my queen size bed. I found an 87 year old woman in Kansas while on vacation at a friends house that lives in Kansas. That friend used this 87 year old woman to quilt a lot of her quilts. This lady only charged me 49.50 to quilt this quilt in the clamshell pattern on her long arm machine. I supplied batting and backing. She supplied thread. Her machine was an antique too...she had it from an old sewing factory. I have it written down somewhere the exact number customer I was of hers..she wrote down each and every customer....I was number 2000 something!!!! That was about 7 years ago. I wonder if she is still alive and doing well.

Anywhooo...Bertha..the quilting lady..she loved the batting I brought with me...I was suckered into this very expensive batting at a quilt shop here in Georgia. It was like 32.00 for that batting. It is Quilters Dream Poly. I will never ever ever ever ever ever buy that type of batting again..even if it was given to me..I would not use it. It has ruined my quilt!!!! The batting beards on the outside of the quilt on the top and back each and every time it is washed. It also is a hot batting.'s not the quilt maker, nor the quilter, nor the's that stinking batting. Many others on my quilting groups have had the same problem with that awful batting. A few have had no problems..but..most folks don't wash their quilts. I always wash my quilts as soon as they are finished..if anything is going to happen to that quilt..I want it to be on my watch/wash/dry!! I take them all to the laundry mat and use the triple load, front loading washers to wash them..I use Tide detergent. I have never ever ever ever had a problem with any of my quilts other than this one. I have used a lot of different battings from cheap ones to expensive ones...I will never ever use Quilters Dream Poly again..for shame on them for selling this stuff!!!

Accidentally loaded a picture of the turning twenty here. OOPS!

The models are Zach and Sadie. Zach wants one of these quilts in blue..I have got to do that for him.

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  1. I read about your blog on the stashbuster group. What a great quilt!
    I will visit your blog again.