Sunday, February 12, 2012

There's a Dog on my Quilt

I made this quilt top from antoher quilters trash. Another one that buys more fabric than they know what to do with. I made all of the top except for the green strip at the bottom and the purple border.

Our local quilt shop has a project we work on all year long. We make items out of cat or dog fabrics. We meet once a month at the quilt shop and sew and sew and sew. We also make things at home and bring them in. I made this quilt top at home and then gave it to Jean the quilt shop owner to do with it as she wished for the sale. She has a sale around the first of June every year..all monies go to the Clayton County Humane Society to help the dogs and cats out. Jean added that green strip at the bottom for grass and then she added the purple border. She got this quilted up..she also provided the backing and binding fabrics.


  1. I love this quilt. Is there a pattern for it.

  2. Suzanne, yes it's a pattern by Billie Lauder and it's called, "There's a Dog on my quilt". Her pattern does not include the grass or the border though. Look at this link to see that it is supposed to be made up in a scrappy 9 patch: You can also do a search on Billie Lauder and the name of the quilt and there are several places to get it. Another person on Stashbuster put a different animal on one she made a few years back..I posted mine there back when I made it and she posted her's too..she came up with that animal she used. Now I see Billie Lauder has come up with a cat one too from just searching. Trying to figure out how to email you in case you don't come back here to see this answer.

  3. Hi Lisa, saw your message on Stashbusters and popped over to blogland to 'see' you! I just love this quilt. Made it once for a donation quilt, but must make it again as it's just too much fun! Love that you added the green strip at the base to 'ground' the dog. Hope you get into the swing of blogging :)