Sunday, February 12, 2012

Those with the most fabric when they die do not win in my opinion

I volunteer sewed with some church ladies every Wednesday for years. We sewed from donations of fabric from where ever it came from. Many times people came in with donations from family members that died. It's very emtoinal to me to work with this stuff. The whole time working with it, I wonder just what the person was thinking while they were working with it. Did they love it or did they hate it or was it a long ago started project that they fell out of love with or what. Many other thoughts go through my mind too.

The following two quilts were two of those projects. The green and maroon one had the center 4 blocks made and a bunch of fabrics cut out..not cut out in anything that I oculd tell what they were going to made due and did what I did and made that charity quilt out of their stash that was donated. It went to an orphanage with missionaries from the church to Romania.

The other one was an already made quilt top..had to cut some of it off because it wasn't finished and the fabrics were not included in the donation we it down and made a smaller kids quilt. It also went to Romania.

So, please use up the fabrics you have. If you have a project started and are no longer in love with it..pass it along while you are alive to someone that will put it to good use..lot's of charity quilts are needed...everyone wins in this!! Don't buy fabric just to buy fabric...believe me..there will be more fabrics next year and the next that you love just as much as the fabrics that are out today. Use what you have..then buy more. Does not matter that the price will go up next year..if you don't use what you have..and buy have spent last years price and next years kinda payed twice for fabric in my eyes. Use what you have!!

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  1. The most finished quilts...maybe. But the most fabric sitting unused and uncared for...definitely not. Thank you for sharing so many lovely projects.