Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quilt for Ginnie

This quilt was another cast off from Sandra of the Stashbuster Yahoo group! Sandra made all those gorgeous blocks and decided she wasn't happy with them. She sent the blocks to one lady on Stashbuster, that lady put the top together. That lady sent them to another lady on Stashbuster to do the quilting and binding. That lady sent the quilt to me to deliver to Ginnie. I washed, dried and trimmed strings on the quilt and took it to Ginnie.

This quilt is a great size to use for a wheel chair. Ginnie was in a wheel chair full time when this quilt was given to her. This was a couple of years ago. Ginnie was in a terrible car accident which paralyzed both of her legs. She was going through therapy then and still is. She is now using a walker part time!!! She is getting the use of her legs back.

Ginnie was estatic when my husband and I presented this quilt to her. Just look at the smile on that face. She is still loving this quilt. This was truly a group effort by the people on Stashbuster!! I wish I could remember the different states each of the ladies that worked on this quilt lived in. I am in Georgia and so is Ginnie. We quilters call our blocks and things like that, that are made and not put together in a quilt top yet, "Projects In Grocery Sacks" or "PIGS" for short. Stashbuster has an on going project to send those "PIGS" to others if you are at a loss of what to do with them..let someone else tackle eyes can do wonders with someone elses no longer loved project. We donate these quilts to's a win win for everyone involved.

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